Die Hard - A Trio of Christmas Beers

Die Hard - A Trio of Christmas Beers

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I don't know what you look forward to when you think of the Christmas period, but for us its sitting around, watching movies, maybe having a few beers, perhaps a sandwich, maybe with a pickle, maybe not.

Anyway, this casual daydream led us to ask -

What Beers should i drink when i watch Die Hard this Christmas?

Then we realised we own a brewery and could answer that question ourselves.

The Die Hard Trio - 3 Beers to Drink while watching the best Christmas movie of all time.

Common Questions:

1) Is this like a drinking game? do i have to drink them at specific points?

- No

2) Why?

- 3 Beers is the optimum amount of beers to have while watching a movie and also staying awake. But how are we supposed to know which 3 beers to choose? Well now that struggle is over.

3) What are the beers?

- 1 Pale, 1 IPA, 1 Wheat Beer. 

4) Is Die Hard just called 'The Hard' in Germany?

- Yes.

5) Fists with your toes?

- Yes, it actually works.

Thank you and goodnight.