Home Alone - A Trio of Christmas Beers

Home Alone - A Trio of Christmas Beers

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Christmas - a time for long, lazy days watching festive movies with the family and generally spending time together focusing our attention on something other than each other. 


If we're honest, this is the part of the downtime we like the most. 


But there's a problem...

- Bucks Fizz is for Christmas Morning.

- Mulled wine with friends

- Maybe a Baileys in the evening.

- A special glass of port with dinner.


Why has no one figured out what you're supposed to drink when you watch Home Alone?


#GAP IN THE MARKET, we thought to ourselves. And so, like other Christmassy things, an idea was born.....


The Home Alone Trio - 3 Beers to Drink while watching the best Christmas movie of all time that's not Die Hard.


Common Questions:

1) Is this beer, like Home Alone, suitable for the whole family?

- This depends on your family. If your family has Children, or dogs, then No. Beer is not suitable for Children. Or Dogs. If your family is just you (and you are an adult) then yes, this is the thing for you. (You can also share with your sweetie, or grandparent, or any other adult really).

2) Why have you done this?

- Frankly we've done many things this year and thought doing another thing couldn't hurt. Also 3 Beers is the optimum amount of beers to have while watching a movie and also staying awake. If you're like us though and often miss the start of the movie due to staring in the fridge paralysed with indecision over what beverage to choose to have with said movie, then consider not having to miss the start of Home Alone this year our gift to you.

3) What are the beers?

- 1 Pale, 1 IPA, 1 Bourbon Stout (yes, as in Kentucky Bourbon, you filthy animal).

4) 'Wet Bandit' doesn't really sound very appetising as a beer?

- This isn't a question.