By Charlotte Thackeray

It's all about that Cask

Five reasons to love cask beer!

We are BIG fans of a pint of cask beer around here. It's what we started doing all those years ago in our first brewery kit in Penge. 

We've since gone on to bring you some great keg offerings; our flagship Lazy Jesus - session APA, our rotating range of IPAs and a beautifully moreish oatmeal stout. As well as many one-off brews and seasonal specials.

However, we've never strayed too far from our roots. Our Best Bitter has quietly been our cask flagship over the years, continually receiving amazing feedback from those like-minded traditional beer drinkers. 

We believe there's nothing better than a cracking pint of cask conditioned Real Ale.

Handled in the right way, by people who know what they're doing, it can truly be a thing to behold.

Pint of Best Bitter next to a traditional hand pull

That's why at the start of 2022 Southey are bringing you an ADDITIONAL hand pull in our Southey Street taproom.

From this weekend (Thursday 20th Jan) if you wander down to our little corner of SE20, you can expect two great cask beers to choose from. Served only metres from the tanks they were brewed in - we're talking beer metres not beer miles!


  1. The original 'craft beer'. It takes huge amounts of skill, experience and love to produce a quality cask product. Our head brewer, Sam has all three in spades.
  2. Traditional English ingredients. We use only the best English ingredients in our cask beer. Unlike many of our beloved keg beers which use American, or German grain and hops. Our traditional cask ales are proudly British through and through.
  3. A much more natural product. Whereas much of our keg beer is force carbonated with CO2 to produce those typical beery bubbles, real ale is conditioned in it's cask where the secondary fermentation takes place allowing a natural carbonation, so no need for extra CO2.
  4. Steeped in brewing tradition. The rich history of traditional beer making runs back to the Middle Ages. Cask beer truly is an art form the British have perfected.
  5. The flavour...! All of the above lead us to the all important TASTE. Due to the natural processes these beers go through you really get it all. And like all our beer, it's unfiltered, unpasteurised and completely vegan.

Bottom line:

Give cask beer a chance! Pop down to our taproom and ask for a taste of which ever takes your fancy. Don't worry - we still have all your Southey favourite keg beers too!



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