Tucked away in an alley behind the high street and brewing since December 2016, Southey Brewing Co is Penge's finest (and only) micro brewery.

We are a small and passionate team operating a 6 Barrel kit and brewing a range of classic ales, bitter and stout with respect to traditional techniques. Alongside a solid staple of hop forward IPA's and APA's, we love to flex our brewing muscles into frequent forays in the yeast led world of Belgian & German beers.

Everything we produce is done with care and attention to detail, the highest quality ingredients and foremost a focus on producing the best quality and tastiest beer we can.

All our beer is unpasteurised and vegan. We also can all our beers on site, right next to the tanks it is lovingly brewed in. You could not get fresher beer.

A proudly independent brewery. Beer made locally, for the good people of Penge and beyond.

For the last six years we have been selling our beer in our taproom on Southey St and in the London Beer Dispensary in Crofton Park, South East London.