James Hazell

Taproom Assistant

Time at Southey: since May 2022

What brought you to Southey?

Mystery and Charm are what made me search for Southey but pride for Penge and the quality of the beer is what kept me coming back.

What’s your favourite beer that we brew and why?

Lightquake IPA is one of the first drinks I had that really made me realise the depths of what a good beer could taste like. Before tasting a good, full flavoured, fresh craft beer I had been sticking to 3 bottles of becks for £5, and now I know that just won’t cut it for me!

What do you like about working here/ what we do here?

From tasting the beer you can tell there is genuine care put into the product. Meeting the brewers and seeing behind the scenes has only confirmed these feelings. There is a lot of effort and passion put into the experience that you wouldn’t necessarily see, from when you walk into the taproom and see our lovely bar, to sitting down with your drink and all the events we have going on here. Everyone has really given it 100% to make the vibe as great as it is.

Is working at a brewery different from what you thought it would be?

Nah, it's pretty much as cool as you'd expect it to be. 😎

What do you like to do with your spare time?

I have been playing Video games since the age of 1. L o a d i n g was one of the first words I learnt to spell thanks to Crash Bandicoot. I have been invested and interested in the art form since then so I thought I might as well wear my passion on my sleeve and
Live stream my experiences. I'm either doing that or going for long walks on the beach where I write romantic poetry about Southey Beer.