Sam Barber


Time at Southey: since August 2016

What brought you to Southey?

Some luck, some lack of judgement and some seriously hard work.

What's your favourite beer that we brew and why?

Cask Best has to have a mention for being the longest standing un-tweaked recipe we have. When its right, it right. However, Field of Gold is my consistently favourite beer we produce - it hits some pretty magical balance that you can’t quite engineer or calculate and I always forget how good it is until I try it again.

What do you like about working here/ what we do here?

Ask on a different day and you’ll get a different answer, but really that's the true beauty of it. We have the collective capacity to create and build, hone and craft and experiment and fail and try, on repeat, in a field where the goal is to facilitate joy and fun and excitement and enthusiasm. It’s not always fun to be the ones behind the scenes but it always ends up being worth it.

Is working at a brewery different from what you thought it would be?

I went in a decade ago thinking I would be shovelling malt and tapping casks and these days I shuffle paper and pay bills. But i’ve also built bars and seats and taprooms and tables and brewed over 300 different beers, survived a pandemic and worked with some incredible people, none of which I saw coming so, yes.

What do you like to do with your spare time?