Liz Poole

Taproom Manager

Time at Southey: since May 2021

What brought you to Southey?

Prior to joining Southey I would visit the Brewery and Taproom as a customer, and what I loved was the passion that the company had for providing great products and the dedication to being a large part of this wonderful community. Prior to COVID I had left hospitality having lost my passion for it, I got an office job and was unfortunately made redundant at the beginning of the Pandemic. For over a year I looked for jobs, and then in May 2021 I saw that they were advertising for Taproom Staff on Penge Tourist Board. I
decided that it might be worth having another go at hospitality, and the rest is history!

What’s your favourite beer that we brew and why?

This is tough. I love the Keystone East Coast IPA, because it’s just so unbelievably delicious! Before coming here I really didn’t like cask beer. But the focus on traditional brewing techniques and the pride that the Brewers take in brewing superb cask beer converted me to being a huge fan of cask ale..

What do you like about working here/ what we do here?

I love learning about the process of making beer, because we produce all our own products here it’s great to be able to ask the brewers about individual beers, which makes serving them to customers a much better experience. The people here make coming to work really enjoyable, everyone here is so talented at what they do. Also the customers make every shift a joy. Since joining Southey my passion for hospitality has been
reignited. I love getting to know our regulars and it’s always a pleasure meeting new ones too! I have the privilege to get to know each of you and be a small part of your lives. An even greater one to be a part of
the big moments too!

Is working at a brewery different from what you thought it would be?

Absolutely yes!! I’m always learning about beer. When I interviewed here I was not a fan, because I just didn’t know what I liked. Now I have huge appreciation for beer and brewing and have definitely found what beer I do like!

I also love the fact that we are allowed to be creative here, working for larger companies, everything was set for you. But at Southey these decisions are made by the people that work here, being able to input my ideas and opinions is honestly so refreshing. Every single person mucks in here, we’re such a small team that the camaraderie between us is so lovely.

What do you like to do with your spare time?

One way I relax is by doing cross stitches, if you've been to the Taproom you will have seen a number of them up on the wall. I even cross stitch the beer badges that go on the Christmas Tree every year! I may even start taking commissions 😜.